Should Prostitution Be Legal?

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Prostitution: Should it be legal?
Today in our society there is several controversial discussions that seem to be legalized or accepted by people. These discussions take into account, personal choices and the importance of morality in society. One of these discussions is prostitution. Prostitution in a broad aspect, is comparatively undiscriminating sexual exchange to gain material advantages. It is defined in " an act or practice of engaging in sexual acts for money" ( Macmillan 805),or “the practice of engaging in relatively indiscriminate sexual activity, in general with someone who is not a spouse or a friend, in exchange for immediate payment in money or other valuables, it might be female or male or transgender, and prostitution may
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Ancient Greece concluded levels of prostitution .The lowest level of prostitutes worked in legalized houses and they were forced to wear unique clothing as a mark of their profession. Furthermore the higher level concluded prostitutes with high skills such as dancing or singing. The last level which is the highest, it concluded prostitutes that had power and influence on other people such as Politian .In ancient Rome prostitution occurred but not a lot. Women at that time were used by the owners of the households they served in, despite the fact that the Roman authorities limited the spread of prostitution by giving hard punishment such as working with the government for life and Wearing certain wigs and particular clothes, paying heavy taxes. In the middle Ages the Christian Church followed the instructors of Saint Augustine, prostitution was forbidden for the fact that it was considered to be an act of immorality and that it would let men have sex and not see a need in getting married. By the late Middle ages prostitution flourished in Europe. Women in Asia were degraded and people back then did not have religion, so prostitution was accepted. During the 16th century prostitution was not accepted and the legal houses for prostitution were closed because of the strict …show more content…
Legal brothels are often protected by law enforcement agencies to provide safety and to prevent the cases of sex trafficking. Legalization can decrease the population of prisoners. Another argument is that by legalizing prostitution, it can bring in the form of income taxes. According to what research has shown the current income of Nevada’s legal prostitutes, legalization can bring $20,000 in federal income taxes per person per year. Not only by this money the government can provide the prostitutes with more social and health services , but can also can help provide money for other governmental needs. Moving to the protraction of labor rights and other professional benefits provided for the prostitutes.If only prostitution is treated like any other profession, legal sex workers can be protected from immorality,and liberity from differentiation , and provide safe work environments, by getting medical insurance and wages plans. legalization prostitution is like any other profession , it is no different than pornography, lap-dancing, tobacco, alcohol, and gambling, which are

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