should prostitution be legal?
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Prostitution has been called the world’s oldest profession, so it’s safe to say it’s not going away anytime soon. As of right now, Nevada is the only state which has legalized prostitution. In the rest of the United States, however, the social problems experienced under the current laws prohibiting prostitution include transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), excessive amounts spent on prosecuting offenders, and the risks involved for women working alone on the streets. It is my view that legalizing prostitution would not only protect sex workers and their clients, but if properly regulated would provide revenue for both cities and government agencies while empowering women who choose prostitution as their profession as to avoid white slavery. Historically, prostitution has been a gateway from which has sprouted drug abuse, violence, and sexually-transmitted diseases from unprotected sex. Women and underage girls are often drawn into becoming prostitutes by individuals known as pimps, who then control them with drug addiction and physical abuse. The legalization of prostitution with Government regulated brothel’s and regular (STD) testing, would eliminate the street sex trade and the pimps who control it. The State of Nevada currently has eleven counties with regulated legalized prostitution (“U.S. Federal”). According to the State of Nevada Legislature, women who wish to work in the sex trade profession are required to pass both a background check and a physical examination, including blood tests, to rule out any sexually-transmitted diseases. Health cards are then issued, and follow-up exams are given weekly for gonorrhea and chlamydia and monthly for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and syphilis. In addition to submitting to regular testing, condoms are required when engaging in any form of sexual intercourse (Nevada State Legislature). According to the San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution, the cost to enforce laws

Cited: New York International Bible Society, 1978 print Houdmann, S Michael.What does the Bible say about prostitution?

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