Should Professional Athletes Be Treated Differently?

Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Pro Side of Debate Summary Kristine KoenigBCOM/27510/27/14Jamey PippertPro Side of Debate Summary Should Professional Athletes be Treated Differently? During our discussion on Should Professional Athletes be Treated Differently we discussed reasons why they should not be treated differently. There are many reasons why they are treated differently. One of the main reasons is that they are in the public view such as on T.V during a game, in articles that are written about the players themselves or as a team, usually on a weekly basis. This keeps them in forefront of people’s minds. Another reason is that they make astronomical salaries compared to the general public. They are considered by many to be idols to the younger generations who want to imitate what they do and how they behave. If an athlete should get into legal trouble, they are able to hire a good expensive attorney that can usually plea bargain a charge to a lesser offense and the athlete may only pay a fine and have no other legal consequences. They may also delay having to serve any jail time to coincide with the off season of the particular sport they are employed in. To help show how professional athletes are treated differently, here is an example that was written and talked about: HLN Anchor Richelle Carey asks a very important question over on her new video series on The Frisky: In January, Mayweather pleaded guilty to domestic abuse charges and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Mayweather assaulted his ex-girlfriend in 2010, but he didn’t go to jail - he told a judge he couldn’t go, because he had to work.  Going to jail for charges of domestic violence would have sure put a wrinkle in his Vegas fight plans. A judge granted him a six-month delay on his jail sentence because the fight was such a big money-maker for Las Vegas, which would net $100 million.  After Mayweather promised to donate cash to a breast cancer charity, his get out of jail “free” card was all set. This goes to show...

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