Should Power Be Transferred from Federal Government to the States?

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Erin Edwards
Intro to American Politics
Point-Counterpoint Paper #1

Should Power Be Transferred from Federal Government to the States?

Point - Yes
Cox makes some valid arguments in favor of restoring State powers that have been inappropriately assumed by the Federal Government and backs those arguments with examples and solutions. He believes that Congress should transfer powers to the States that are not the direct responsibility of the Federal Government through block grants being administered directly to the local State governments. Cox suggests a review of Federal programs that relate to State and local governments. With this review he believes they will find that a Federal role is neither efficient nor necessary. Why should the Federal Government essentially pass over the States in order to create relationships with local government? He argues that centralization of power at the Federal level results in waste, duplication of efforts, and contradiction as the Federal Government has inserted itself into functions that are already being handled by State and local governments. It simply doesn’t make sense. States and local governments have proven to spend more efficiently when it comes to their own citizens. Taxpayers want to see the results of their money hard at work. State and local governments tend to create programs that benefit the people and the budget in that given community which improves upon government efficiency. Cox further defends his position by reminding us that the welfare reform movement began that the State level and continues today with the States taking the lead. “States are like laboratories for democracy. By experimenting with different approaches, the most effective public policy approaches can be identified, and copied by other States.”

Counterpoint – No

Kester argues that “although Americans hope for curbs in federal spending, few want simply to substitute state bureaucracies for federal in...
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