Should police be allowed to carry tasers

Topics: Taser, Police, Public Order and Riot Squad Pages: 3 (1300 words) Published: May 2, 2014
Should police be allowed to carry tasers? Do you agree?

Taser is a device, which has electronic shock that use electrical current to disrupt muscle control. This essay will argue that police are within their rights to carry tasers. Police officers are one the most apparent weapons of the government, and they are delegated with significant power and judgment. They are the only members of society lawfully authorized to take life or impose serious injury to maintain order and implement the law. Police use tasers for their safety, and can employ this weapon instead of guns for offenders and in preventing death and serious injury to offences because guns are more dangerous.

According to the New South Wales police force police officers are required to “Protect yourself or others where violent confrontation or violent resistance is occurring or imminent”(NSW Police Force 2013, p.20 20). Policy also mention that taser users should be members of the NSW Police Force who have been trained and authorized carry a taser by trained tutors. This training requires 8 hours of tutoring, and involves the firing of 3 cartridges, passing a written examination with minimum marks of 80%, and yearly recertification afterwards. The media case “Ontario allows all police officers to carry Tasers” shows that after the police shooting of Sammy Yatim, 18 years old killed on a TTC streetcar, the state decided police officers could be carrying tasers. This was said to be safer. For police and effective in preventing death and serious injury to offences. This evidence shows if a taser were used instead of gun the 18 years old Yatim man may not have died.

On the other hand, “Amnesty released a new study today linking TASER to 103 deaths” (MLA 7th Edition). Although some people disagree with using of tasers due to increase of risk of injuries and sudden death, others believe that tasers cause no significant harm. For example, in the journal article outline that researched for the...
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