Should Physician Assited Suicide be legal

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Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Legal?
Informal Logic INF103
Instructor Andrew Stave
January 13, 2014

Should Physician Assisted Suicide be legal?
When we think about the idea of physician- assisted suicide, we most likely feel as though that the act itself should be considered murder. During 1997, The President at the time Bill Clinton signed into regulations “The assisted suicide funding restriction act”. The regulation omitted the use of federal monies to pay for physician assisted suicide, as well as euthanasia, and also mercy killings in the United States. According to the New England Journal of Medicine Physician assisted suicide is now currently legal in three states, they are Oregon, Washington, and Montana. States like Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Vermont are making an allowance for bringing forth legislation to legalize physician assisted suicide for patients suffering from terminal illnesses. In this paper I will explain why it is very important for physician assisted suicide to be legal in all of our states, in order to help the terminally ill patients as well as those patients that are severely disabled and can no longer care for themselves. These patients want the right to die with dignity. Conferring to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Doctor supported suicide is “suicide by a terminally ill patients that is helped by resources or evidence (as a prescription or suggestion of the lethal dosage) as long as by a doctor who is attending to his patient and plans to use such resources or information to end his or her own life. Everyone has a right to their own opinion when it comes to physician assisted suicide, but what about those patients who are suffering from an incurable type of cancer, or what about the patients that have suffered from a major stroke or even been involved in a major car accident that has left them paralyzed and are unable to care for themselves. Patients who are suffering from an incurable...

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