Should Parents Work When Their Children Are Very Young

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Q1: Should both parents go out to work when their children are young? What are your views? (O-Level Nov. 2004)

Crying, screaming and shouting were heard all around the room. Mike, a five-year-old boy, was grasping his mother’s hand. The reluctance of the leaving of his mother coerced him to appeal to his mother to stay at home.

“Mom, please! Dad is out to work. It is enough!” Mike begged.

Here comes a controversial social problem – should both parents go out and work when the child is still young? Parents, so-called the first teachers of the children, have crucial impacts on their children. Their presence and love for the children while they are young affect the children’s lives massively. Some parents decide that both of them will go out to work when their children are young. This arouses the deprecation.

Firstly, young children do not have the ability to live independently without the help and guidance of their parents. If both parents go out to work, there will be no one at home. Therefore, when the children meet any difficulties, problems or danger, nobody will be aware. Definitely, it is unsafe for the children. For instance, if there is a short circuit in the house, it is easy to fire the house as short circuit can cause fire. However, you may argue that the parents can hire a helper to look after the children. It is true. However, so many cases have clearly indicated the disadvantages of that option. According to the news in Chongqing, China, some domestic workers help the children to shower by putting them into washing machines, and eventually cause the deaths of children. Although the cases are not numerous, the possibility of such potential danger has never gone. Thus, with at least one of the parents at home, one can ensure that the children are safe at home.

Secondly, love form parents can never be substituted by other people. The young need the care and love form parents. With parents’ love, the young will have the...
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