Should Parents Send Their child to a Single-sex School?

Topics: Gender, Sex segregation, Education Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Should Parents Send Their child to a Single-sex School?
Thesis Statement:
To make school environment better in terms of efficiency, school officials came to introduce class differentiation years ago but there are so many problems if parents send their child to single-sex school. I.Education is a conventional mode of receiving knowledge needed for people to pursue professional aspirations. What shape such aspirations are schools that narrow children’s scope of interests, determine the areas of expertise and, most importantly, provide with knowledge. The system of single-class schools had not regained its popularity with American parents until 2000s. A.People misunderstand students achieve better results though the instrumentality of gender separation. iThere are some study said boys from single-sex classes were more willing to join science and mathematics courses B.People misunderstand single class schools handle the problem of bullying, ii. They believe single-class make student-to-student interaction more respectful in all-girl classes II.Single-Sex schools take advantage of gender-specific teaching methods instrumental in identifying boys’ and girl’s merits and strengths. a. A longitudinal pediatric neuroimaging study from 2007 conducted by neuroscientist team from the National Institute of Mental Health have concluded that different brain areas tend to develop in a different tempo and sequence in girls as compared to boys. 1.Novotney (58) goes on to note that studies on gender language divergence have demonstrated that three-year-old girls’ language processing far outpaces that of five-year-old boys. It is safe to assume that, in dividing classes on the basis of gender, educators are afforded the ample opportunity of employing language-based exercises, with the members of the same sex in class. 2.I concede to this opposing view because they just study three-year-old girls’ language processing far outpaces that of five-year-old boys but doesn’t...

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