Should Parents Select the Traits of an Offspring

Topics: Human, Genetics, DNA Pages: 1 (467 words) Published: January 4, 2011
If our world ever became like the one presented in the movie, “GATTACA”, I might go insane. I don’t think I would ever be able to accept the fact that babies would be treated as science projects or the latest toy, “customized to your own desire.” A parent that has the choice to enhance their child’s features, simply, should not. Beauty is undefined. A parent should love their child, no matter what their physical appearance, and accept whatever unique beauty God gave them. Selecting the traits of an offspring is unnatural for many reasons. God intended humans to be made through the joining of love, not in a test tube in some lab. Genetically engineered human beings have been proven, in the movie, that they are no better than the “God-children”. When Eugene raced his brother to see who could swim out farther, his brother almost drowned because of overworking his body. In this scene, and throughout the movie, Eugene wouldn’t let his heart condition hold him back from success. At first, having the ability to make your child the “best” of you and your spouse seems like a miracle. Your child wouldn’t have to suffer from hereditary diseases, they would be accepted by society, they’d have a long life, etc. Women who were not fertile could have the procedure done if they could not conceive a child, but the process of genetic engineering has many cons as well. For example, if the technology were available, knowing the exact lifespan of a child would weigh heavily on a parent. How could the child grow up knowing when they would die because of a flaw in their parent’s DNA, something they had no control of? How could the parent live with the guilt of knowing how much time they had with their son or daughter? Sexual procreation combines the best and worst of the male and female by taking the risk of not knowing what their baby may become. The society’s self-esteem is wrapped up in validity, and since their society accepts it, it can compromise a person’s dreams and have them...
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