Should Men Receive Paternity Leave With Pay

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Natasha Rodas
Argumentative Essay
November 19, 2014
Should Men Receive Paternity Leave with Pay?
Women give birth almost every day around the globe, yet some dads are hardly ever present to give them support. Additionally, some dads cannot manage to give up their paycheck, which their households needs to preserve their financials. Most companies scarcely pay male workers paternity leave to spend some time with their partners when they have a kid, suffer a stillbirth, or adopt a young child. Men wanting to take paternity leave to help their partner under these conditions typically achieve this through paid leave, like sick days or vacation. I consider paternity leave with pay should turn into a nationwide legislation since it would allow men paid time-off from work. They would then be able help and support their partners in their healing after delivering a child; and to spend some time bonding with their infants. As Anthony Bradley commented on paternity leave: "What type of assured man would wish to be a 'stay at home' father while the remaining men are outside doing things like working?” Most men don't have any interest in not having a full-time occupation, and just why should they?" (Worldmag.Com) He goes to convey that the US could be a drastically different nation if it were mandatory to allow a dad to bond with his kids. A Bond, he states, requires more than six months; it is a quest of love for a lifetime, not only physical existence." There's been a stereotype that females are homemakers and men are breadwinners. Occasionally, one's wages might not be enough to keep your family needs. When a woman uses up maternity-leave determined by the position, her partner may need to be there to help. In taking on paternity leave, the dad may be present to add his support in a single manner or another. Fathers play a significant role in child-rearing. While the "remainder of men" are performing "other things”, men that are self-confident...

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