Should Marriage Be Converted Into a 3 Year Contract

Topics: Marriage, Alimony, Divorce Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: December 4, 2005
Should marriage be converted into a three year contract?

Marriage was originated to unite a man and a woman in the closest and most endearing way. During a marriage ceremony, the couple vows to be together forever whether the situations they face together are good or bad, and death is the only thing that should make them part. Unfortunately, many marriage vows are broken today, and the end result of this is separation or divorce. Due to an enormous rate of broken marriages, many raise the question as to whether or not marriages should have expiration dates. Would it be more suitable and less stressful for couples to sign into marriage under three year contracts? If a married couple falls out of love with one another, should they have to stay together due to the vows that they made of being with one another for life, or should they be able to move on with their lives and seek happiness elsewhere? Many couples stay together for the sake of their children, but should they really if they are unhappy with one another? Should a man and woman stay married and live separated, when their legal spouse has rights to everything that is theirs? Of course they could get divorced, but divorces are costly and some people put them off because they can not afford them. Signing into a three year contract can eliminate the stress of getting up the money for divorce if the marriage does not work out, and can assure the couple that their marriage will be invalid as soon as the three years is up.

One reason why couples should sign into marriage under a three year contract is because a couple should not stay together if they no longer make one another happy. Many marriages have problems that are unfixable even with things such as marriage counseling around. Although marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment, many couples grow out of love even before their marriage has reached its peak. For this reason, unless they don't mind being unhappy with each other...
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