Should Marijuana Be Legalized

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Rick Querido
Monay Cummings
Keith Tatum
Should We Legalize Marijuana
Should Marijuana be legalize is one of the top debated issues in the United States. This issue has many people concerned why it should and why it should not be legalize. Marijuana is an herb mostly grown in South American countries and illegally smuggled in to United States. Pot is the most commonly used drug in America. The attempt to federally legalize marijuana has been going on for years. Today, the debate to legalize cannabis has become stronger. There is a campaign created known as the “420 Campaign,” it is a campaign that conveys the top ten reasons for legalizing cannabis ("High Times", 2012). The 420 Campaign, presents very good arguments that, at this time, can benefit the recovery of the current economy status and assist in important government issues. There are factual studies that show the drug has health benefits and some studies show the harmful side. As a group, Team B has put together a well debatable paper that gives our view points on what we believe or Cons and Pros or advantages and disadvantages of the Marijuana being legalized. In this debate you will find several researched documentation that gives facts on how harmful and helpful the drug can be. You will also find strong statements and personal opinions on the questionable substance.

The Disadvantages of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

.People will abuse the system just to become an addict.

While researching the information, I discovered the following:

“Federal Marijuana Laws (controlled substance act) do not recognize the difference between medical marijuana and recreational use of Marijuana” The article had a good point of recognizing the fact that laws are generally applied only against people who possess, cultivate, or distribute large quantities of marijuana ( There is numerous deleterious health consequences associated with short-term and long-term marijuana use, including the possibility of becoming addicted. During the period of intoxication, marijuana disrupts short-term memory, attention, judgment as well as other cognitive functions. In addition, marijuana has also been shown to impair coordination and balance and can increase an individual's heart rate. Longer lasting cognitive deficits have been reported in heavy marijuana users, although these have been shown to be reversible following a period of sustained abstinence. New research published last year shows that those who engage in a lifetime of heavy marijuana use reported an overall dissatisfaction with their mental and physical health as well as his or her life achievement. ( Volkow, ND.MD,2004) from the National Institute on Drug Abuse the National Institute of Health met with the House Committee of Government Reform. The Subcommittee of Drug policy and human service. Ms. Nora Volkow explains the Health Effects of the use of Marijuana.

The federal laws states marijuana is treated similar to other controlled substance example: cocaine and heroin (Smith, 2007). According to the federal government every controlled substance is placed in a schedule which due to the relative potential can be abuse and medicinal value.

The Controlled Substance Act ( classifies marijuana as Schedule I drug; they have reason to rule out that marijuana is a highly addictive drug and does not have any medical value. I found this to be very interesting due to the fact the federal government states Doctors may not “prescribe” marijuana for medical use under federal law however, they can “recommend” its use under the First Amendment. (

Drug Enforcement Administration

The drug enforcement administration is more interested in medical marijuana patients and caregivers as well as large cultivation and distribution operations. This is such a good...

References: ➢ High Times. (2012). Retrieved from
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