Should Justin Ellsworth’s Parents Have Been Given Access to His Email?

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Privacy Act of 1974 Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: November 29, 2008
Should Justin Ellsworth’s Parents have been given access to his email?

I do not think his parents or anyone else for that matter should have access to his email. There is a privacy act statement for a reason. The purpose of the act is protect the privacy and rights of all people using email. Although email has taken over as a major form of communication, I feel that Yahoo is doing the right thing in protecting Justin Ellsworth’s privacy. In a case as sensitive as this, I think that it is good that a company is willing to stand by its policy no matter the circumstances. Though this is based on a single incident right, it can and probably will be standard proceedure for further cases. But the fact of this is his parents are being denied access to his personal email and is a very sensative situation. The thought that occurs to mind is that if he wanted his parents to have his emails, then why didn’t he leave his password with them incase of an unforeseen accident happened such as this? Just because an email company may have the right or power to over turn their policy in an extreme case, is it morally right or just? I would say not. Because the message that would be delivered is that a company will bend the rules as they see fit without regard to policy or regulation. Because our privacy and protection is sacarce in America we hold people to what they promise us. With utilitarianism ethics, it is against holding on to the emails, because the release of Justin Ellsworth’s email will not hurt him. But it could bring comfort to his parents. Utilitarian belief would want Justin’s personal email released to bring closure to an already sensitive situation, but ethically speaking it would be absolutely unethical and unaccountable. At the age of 20 Justin Ellsworth was probably assuming he would return home unharmed and invincible. He obviously was not prepared for the “What if?” scenarios. As a way to avoid some of these circumstances he...
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