Should junk food in schools be banned

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Should junk food in schools be banned?
Chen Le
Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the danger of junk food that were eaten by their children in schools. However, whether schools should totally stop providing junk food or still providing junk food for students is a controversial issue. I agree with the view that junk food is schools should be banned, for the following reasons. First, there is no doubt that junk food are filled with a large number of salts, oil, sugar and other materials that could easily cause individuals get obesity and fat. This means that if students eat too much junk food, there will be more likely that they could get obesity and fat when they are grow up. Therefore, it is necessary for schools to concern their students’ healthy. Moreover, banding junk food can benefit school itself. For example, parents always want their children grow up healthily. If one school stop providing junk food, parents would tend to send their children to that school, the school will have more money to provide healthy food. Those who harbor the view that schools should not ban junk food believe that some students in a particular day could have something to deal with their hunger. But unfortunately these students are few. According to the research, in 2006, 60 million adults in America are obese due to their eating habits and this number is keeping growing. If we ban junk food in schools, this number could be control. In sum, the major function of schools should be helping students to be a better person, healthy also include in it, and thus making schools function well. Meanwhile, we should not forget the danger of junk food. Only by doing so can the next generation live long and healthy.

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