Should Journalists Be Allowed to Carry Weapons?

Topics: Gun, Attack!, Risk Pages: 3 (1246 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Grenita Allen-Jones
Prof. Hobbs
May 22, 2011
Should Journalist be Allowed to Carry Weapons?

Journalist face many risk while covering stories in battle zones. This has imposed the idea of journalist carrying weapons for protection against the attacks they face. In the article Rash Report: Press Under Fire and not just War Zones, it was reported, “852 journalist have been killed because of their job, defined “motive confirmed” plus 320 deaths as a “motive uncomfirmed” (Rash). Many people feel that journalist should be able to conceal a weapon on a risky job, others oppose this for a variety of reasons. Although journalist need protection in dangerous working conditions, they shouldn’t be allowed to carry weapons, but be provided an armed guard for protection. A large number of journalist have been held captive, sexually assualted, beaten, and even killed while working in danger zones in foreign countries. Although, they are aware of the danger they face, of the risk the take, they still decide to go into these hazardous working conditions and report these important stories. In the article, 4 Times Journalist Held Captive in Libya Faced Days of Brutality, the journalist informed the public of the treatment and brutality they experienced while being imprisoned by Libyian captors. They reported being tied up by their hands and feet; some were hit, punched, and even headbutted with guns. They described the beatings as “always fiercest in the first few minutes.” The captors also put journalist in danger while battling their own enemies. Although, they said their captors provided them with some food and water, the treatment they recieved was unjust. These journalist who are working and not involved in the events that take place in these dangerous enviroments, are constantly targeted and suffering harsh consequences. In the article, “Why We Need Women In War Zones?”, reporter Kim Barker discusses the different...
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