Should India Go Ahead with Nuclear Tests?

Topics: Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Nuclear proliferation, International Atomic Energy Agency Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: December 27, 2010
The ongoing delay for the ratification of civilian nuclear co-operation with the US, presents a murky picture of India. The ideological difference between the Left and the UPA government is becoming more and more strained, keeping in view, of their alliance. A year before India and the US reached a bilateral agreement (though efforts had been on for previous two years) on civilian nuclear co-operation, strictly limiting it to civilian, whereas India’s nuclear weapons and defense strategies would not come under this agreement. But the Hyde Act (Indo-US nuclear co-operation), which is still under controversy does not demarcate the line between “Civilian and Defense” clearly. It requires India to participate in NPT (Non-proliferation Treaty)-apart from allowing IEAE inspections and placing its civilian nuclear projects under UN safeguards (UN dominated by US)- which indirectly restricts India from conducting Nuclear Tests, and if and so India violates this, nuclear co-operation would be terminated. Furthermore there are other conditions as well. On the whole, if seen the whole civilian nuclear co-operation itself is a partial offer from the US and the acceptance of US congress, does not altogether seem very warming or friendly, for they have their own concerns and many of them object to this so-called Indo US nuclear co-operation. The 123 agreement which followed the Hyde Act, supposedly addresses India’s concerns and is said to be in favor of India, though not largely. The 123 agreement recognizes India to reprocess its spent fuels and regarding the nuclear tests and termination, it would not terminate the agreement without mutual talks and taking into account the situation under which nuclear tests are being done. And US would not interfere in India getting nuclear fuel supplies from other countries and also non-interference in India’s strategic programes and interests. How genuine would 123 agreement be, only coming years would tell, if India goes ahead with the...
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