Should Human Organs for Sale?

Topics: Organ transplant, Organ, Human anatomy Pages: 5 (1685 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Should the sales of human organs be legally or not, it is quite difficult to find a satisfied answer to this controversial question at the moment. Although a large number of articles were written, numerous speeches were made, countless meetings were hold to discuss about this matter but until now it is still a big controversy issue all over the world. Thanks to the steadily development of scientist, technology and medicine treatment, nowadays human organ can be transplanted from one to another. As the consequence some people think that selling organs should be legalized but others claim that it must not be done because the crime rate will rise and only the rich benefit from it. However, I believe that selling human organs is a right thing to do and should be legalized because of its important and essential to human life. First of all, organ transplant plays an important role in the medicine. The matter of fact is that there are a large number of patients who are not transplanted and it grows significantly years after years (may be 10-15%). As Aicha commented in the website,” the number of people in need of organ donations is increasing each year. According to current statistics, in China more than 2 million people require organ transplant, in UK this figure is 8000, in Latin America this figure is 50,000.” Furthermore, David Holcberg (July 21, 2005) stated that “in the city of London, Canada record 87,000 individuals who did not share the athletes' good fortune stand on the U.S. national waiting list for organs. Of the 82,000 waiting for kidneys or livers, about 6,000 will die in the next twelve months.” So with those statistics you can partly image the huge number of people who are waiting for organs such as kidneys or livers each year. However unlike other diseases, the cure for those patients can not be produced by artifical materials in the factory, what those people need is organ from human. Unfortunately, the number of organs donated to hospitals or medical centre is limited compares to the demand for transplantable. Why? Because there are only few people would be ready to do surgery and give organs to a person they do not know without compensation. Furthermore, not many people choose to donate their organs after the death. In other words, selling organs is one of the most effective and quickest ways to have organs for the patients. Moreover, with some people, especially the poor selling one of their organ is an effective and easy method to have a better living condition. Due to the huge demand of the organs in the medicine care so people can sell theirs with an extremely high price. In addition, with the dramatic development of transport, the patient now has to wait for only few days or weeks for the organs come from other countries instead of months or years. With the poor, it is quite impossible for them to work in few years to have a big amount of money to spend for the life; consequently, they are willing to sell one of his or her organ for other people to have cash to expense or for the family. Besides, after giving up an organ such as kidneys, the health of the seller is sometimes not quite seriously damaged. Below is the price for some organs according to Michelle Tsai (2007) and you can realize that the poor can get a big profit from their own organs and selling human organs should be legalized to help such human. Kidney| Liver| Lung|

$15,000-40,000 Pakistan| $25,000 Egypt| 150,000-170,000 China| $25,000 Russia| $60,000-130,000 China| 290,000 Singapore| $35,000-85,000 Philippines| $290,000 Singapore| 290,000 South Africa| $120,000 South Africa| $290,000 South Africa| $290,000 South Korea| $145,000 Turkey| $290,000 South Korea| |...
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