Should Homework Be Banned?

Topics: Learning, Mind, Psychology Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Education has played a major role throughout society and homework has been an important element to this. Homework shouldn’t be banned as it solidifies your learning, broadens your knowledge and ultimately prepares you for life. Homework consists of worded problems, which students are expected to complete. Homework can prove as extra help when needed. Students all vary in academic abilities, some students tend to lose concentration and focus more easily than other would so. Homework is an efficient way to keep up with peers alike. Working in a quite environment should provide students with more scope in concentration. This will benefit learners as they can revise is peace and quiet. Statistics show homework can ultimately improve a person’s learning habits and skills. With repetition, students have shown to vastly improve their scores when sitting for exams or tests, likewise homework can help broaden one’s mind. The world lies with many wonderful and interesting things to learn, this helps broaden our knowledge on the world we live in. This is no different when doing homework. When working on homework students in most cases learn new things or practise on what was learnt while at school. Homework gets pupils minds to concentrate on the task at hand, in doing so it pushes the brain to absorb the gained knowledge learnt whilst working through homework. This show how incredible the mind truly is and therefore we should harness and take advantage of its amazing capabilities. It has been proven that even that even a simple task of completing homework can indeed expand your knowledge. As we gather more and more knowledge with each passing day this soon ultimately sets us up for our very future. In today’s bustling society, all individuals long for money regardless of their needs, but unfortunately this doesn’t come easy and therefore many seek to join the workforce. The future seems quite daunting from a child’s point of...
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