Should High School Graduates Take a Gap Year?

Topics: High school, Graduation, College Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Daehee (David) Lee
December 10th, 2012
Argumentative Essay draft 2

Should Students Take a “Gap Year” Between High School and College?

In “Gap Years: What Is A Gap Year Before College (And Should You Take One)?” Tricia Taormina states that taking a “gap year” helps students plan more specific academic goals, stimulate their passion for learning, and aid them to get a better ideas about what they want to study. According to the article, a gap year means, “a year or semester students take off before enrolling in college.” In the United States, it is optional to take a gap year for every high school graduate. However, I do not agree with Taormina's point that taking a year off before college is helpful for high school graduates. In my opinion, taking a year off weaken the students' passion and motivation for learning, not enough time to plan for their future, and delays the students’ college graduation. First, taking a year off adversely affects students' passion and motivation for learning. Speaking from experience, the gap year I took was not a fully meaningful time. At that time, since I did not pass the college entrance exam, I decided to wait another year to prepare and apply again. It was not a pleasant experience because I was blaming myself and I felt like I had truly disappointed my family. In fact, during the gap year, I studied to get a higher score on the exam, but I lacked passion and motivation for learning because of the pressure and anxiety of failing again, and not being admitted into college.

Secondly, I believe that taking a year off does not give enough time to clarify and locate the student's direction or goal. Nevertheless, in the article, Pendoley insists that taking a year off is enough time to become an expert in an area and achieve better understanding in what they want to pursue for their future career. However, I do not agree with this point. I think one year is somewhat too short of a period to become an expert in a...
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