Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

Topics: Homosexuality / Pages: 4 (901 words) / Published: Apr 1st, 2005
Should gay marriage be legal?

Gay marriage should be legal because as woman and man, all individuals have the same right in society; because same-sex couples can constitute a good based family; because it is just a way to make official a common union nowadays, even with the religious issue; because it is not related to polygamy; and because love matters and it does not differ in nature according to the sex of its object or the person who experiences it.

The first reason why same sex marriage should be legal is because it is fair for all individuals to have the same rights in society. With the end of sodomy laws, a recent decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, conservatives have lost their last excuse to write off gay lives and love as unworthy of social accommodation. But whatever ones feel about the reasoning of the decision, its results is clear: gay Americans are no longer criminals. Even if they were, as murderers on death row that have the constitutional right to marriage, they should have too.

The second objection about why same sex marriage should be legal is because a same sex couple can really constitute a good based family, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics that has recognized that gay households can be just as loving and supportive an environment for raising children as the straight kind. Opponents think that a gay couple family is not a good alternative for children raise and they believe gay parents will raise gay children because straight parents just raise straight children. Nevertheless it is not true because human sexual choice is both unchangeable and unchosen. Whether it is biologically or genetically determined as demonstrated in the study of the professor of psychiatry of Boston University School of Medicine, Richard pillar, or simply set at a very young age; sexual orientation does not respond to social influences designed to lead it in a different direction. Homosexuals are not created by seduction, recruitment or

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