Should Felons Vote Analysis

Topics: Felony, Elections, Election Pages: 4 (783 words) Published: February 23, 2018

Revoking convicted felon’s rights to vote has been an issue at hand in politics since the beginning of our nation. Edward Fesser published an article in the magazine titled City Journal called “Should Felons Vote?” In the article he is arguing against the views of Democrats and their motives for restoring convicted felons voting rights. He says their motives are to expand their chances in winning an election. Edward Fesser’s argument is weak because he fails to provide substantial evidence supporting his arguments on the disenfranchisement of felons.
In journalist Edward Fesser’s article “Should Felons Vote” he says that the push to let convicts vote is wrong on fact and on principle. Edward Fesser begins his article by stating how many states...

He uses such negative imagery to gain his reader’s trust and to try to easily persuade them that allowing felons to vote is not in the best interest of the public. However, he does not provide any substantial support or evidence about how it would affect people directly. He puts the labels on the people with the most heinous crimes to try to make it look like their input is going to have a negative effect on the country without providing the cause it would actually create. Not all convicted felons are violent offenders. Some people get felony convictions for less serious crimes such as DUI’s or could catch numerous other charges for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or going through a phase in life of drug addiction. While drug addiction is frowned upon people do recover. However, during their addictions addicts may make a mistake and find themselves in jail with a felony conviction that does not mean they should never be allowed to vote.
Another argument Fesser discusses in his writing is that the law itself banning felons from voting is not racist. He argues this by stating, “That blacks make up a lopsided percentage of the nation’s prison population.” He also says, “Men commit the vast majority of serious crimes.” He does this to divert the reader’s attention and to try to raise a question from racism to sexism. The claim that racism is to blame for such laws has been dated back to the Civil...

Fesser’s arguments are not very substantial and the structure of his article was not very academic based on the fact he started sentences off with the word but. He focused more on belittling the Democrats for their efforts in restoring convicted felons voting rights. Seeing where the law disenfranchising felons was derived from it is very factual that the right was based on views of racism. The right to vote should be restored after completion of offender’s sentences and with all states obligations...
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