Should English be the official language of the United States of America?

Topics: United States, Official language, Language Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Can you imagine America with some other official language? I bet it is really hard for you to do so. Since most people here communicate using English every day. No matter, where you go you will hear at least hear one English word every second. We are so diverse here, yet we haven't found a way to communicate clearly with each other. We are proud of the diversity here, and now it is time for all of us to have something in common. Maybe we could have clothing, fashion, or even a language in common. It would be really cool to be able to communicate with everybody here. Therefore English should be the official languages the United States.

Everyone needs a way to communicate. Plus we have so many immigrants here, who speak different languages. So don't they need a way to communicate? Most people around the world are taught English as the second language in their country. America is filled with many people from all over the world. It would be easier to have just one main language that everybody could communicate with. Now having so many people here, it is hard to understand each other perfectly. Sometimes we misunderstand people, because of language barrier. If we had English as the official language we would be able to understand everybody perfectly since we all will speak English.

Eighty percent of the United States population already claims English as the mother language. Wouldn't it be easier for the twenty percent to lean English rather than making more than half of the population learn some other language? Also thirty-one states have already made English their official language. So isn't it easier to make the left nineteen states to have English as their official language, than to change the official language to something other than English. If English became the United States official language, it would also motivate immigrants to learn English. Right now also, to be United States citizens, they have to learn English. But most...
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