Should Ecstasy Be Legal?

Topics: Rave Pages: 3 (1293 words) Published: June 8, 2002
"Ecstasy", a drug with many different opinions and views, is often viewed as a killer, which is a stretch of the truth. The drug is sometimes thought of as one of the worst things in the world, but also as the best. Health issues are a problem and there have been some deaths .The deaths though are no way near the number of alcohol or cigarette deaths. How could such a beautiful word be considered such a horrible thing . Ecstasy can kill, but you can die tomorrow by being hit by a car or getting shot, why not live your life to the fullest. Live everyday as if it were your last, but don't be stupid about it. Ecstasy does not kill a person, that's just the excuse they use for ruining their life or killing themselves.

Certain people including doctors and parents have set up and had conferences and meetings to inform other parents and children of the "hug drug." A man named Jeff Milgram wrote a article on he said, "usually when your children would ask you if they could attend a non-alcoholic dance, you would be more than happy to let them attend. But do you really know what they are getting into? Those "dances" are known as raves and are one of them ultimate and most popular place to drop ‘E' ".Health hazards range from any where to raise in temperature and faintness to nausea and grinding of the teeth .But continued use can result in "holes" in the brain and even liver damage.

Yes ecstasy is used at "raves", but not by everyone. Natural "ravers" (sober ravers), are given a bad rap because their title "raver" is automatically connected to ecstasy. Yes many people at raves drop ecstasy but just as many do not. Many people have been permanently effected by "ecstasy ", but those people say that the drug "ruined their life" when in actuality "they ruined their own life." A girl named Sarah who was interviewed by channel 6 "true life on ecstasy " had done ecstasy for 3 years. However, the mistake in her part was that she had done it almost EVERY...
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