should design be a compulsory subject in high school

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Should design be a compulsory subject in high school?

Design refers to the process of creating a work that satisfy the requirement, including conception, preliminary sketch, making etc. This essay will argue that design should be a compulsory subject in high school for the following reasons: improvement of average level of design skill and knowledge, enrichment of students’ imagination and creativity and connection with other subjects.

The first argument that design should be a compulsory subject in high school is improvement of average level of design skill and knowledge. As students living in modern-day society, it is necessary for them to have a better understanding of a piece of work specifically, from selection and matching of colors to massive structure in furniture or architecture, through this curriculum. Besides, in many working aspects these design knowledge are highly applicable, such as PowerPoint, Photoshop skills, which is beneficial to their future career. While it can be argued that not every work has requirement of them, as a matter of fact, they can be applied not only in working field but also in daily life to meet contemporary aesthetic values. For example, students are aware how to dress up in a fashionable way or how to choose tasteful as well as functional furniture to decorate their homes, making their lives more enjoyable.

Additionally, it could be argued that design, as a compulsory subject in high school, can enrich students’ imagination and creativity. During the period of adolescence when their imagination and creativity are booming rapidly, they need a stage where they are able to express innermost thoughts freely rather than absorb knowledge blindly. Hence, in the design class they are provided an opportunity to make fully use of their imagination and creativity and realize their thoughts. Plus, they will receive a large number of innovative ideas when they have interaction with other students. Although it is...
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