Should Death Penalty Be Imposed to Child Rapist?

Topics: Human rights, Prison, Death Penalty Pages: 5 (1492 words) Published: December 28, 2006

I am totally disagree with death penalty. I have colleagues around the world that share my views on this. Execution through death penalty is like prioritizing your emotion in making decision. And death penalty for me is very cruel and inhumane. It is a barbarous practice that should be discarded. Why I called it barbarous? If u can see here the execution process are very torturing

•Stoning. Could you just imagine a big stone on u and your skin is sliced and peeled and the flesh started to be seen. And this is being witness by the public •Hang- strangled to death
•Electric chair, of course nobody know how quickly he would die from the electric shock. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) describes several cases where prisoners apparently lived for 4 to 10 minutes before finally went to death.

Min: So, don't you think by doing this, it would send out the message that killing people is right thing to do and create a brutalize society? I think you are clever enough to think ____________________________________________________________ ______

Nonie: Don't you think that rape is even worst than that? The victim herself while being rape, she screamed but this inhuman rapist did not care about this pity girl. She is suffering, in pain, and it is very hard time to her to survive even now she still unconscious. Life imprisonment is just not enough to compare to the pain and "nightmare" that she had been through. If this death penalty can cause suffer to the rapist, how about the pain of this little girl who is suffering? It is still considered that this man is actually making the girl suffer even more. She's suffering during the incident and will suffer for her whole life. But If the life imprisonment be imposed this man just only suffer for 15-20 years in prison. Even in the prison itself, they are house and don't even need to work hard to have their physical need such as shelter, food and clothes. All of these are well –prepared for them in prison. However this little girl needs to face their unpredictable life. Therefore, death penalty should be imposed to this child rapist. Thank you your honor. ____________________________________________________________ __________


Yes you may argue on that. However, you cannot argue on this man capacity right to live. He is a human and human beings are bound to make mistake. Quoting the word Barbara Fidley, an Amnesty International speaker,

"Central to human right is that they are inalienable…they are accorded equally to every individual regardless of status, ethnicity, religion or origin. They may not be taken away from anyone regardless of the crimes a person has committed. Human rights apply to the worst of us as well as to the best of us. They save us from ourselves."

Stress the last part of the quotation.

Even in American Declaration of Independence itself highlights that ‘the right to life' as the first listed of natural rights. That is why any punishment taken over prisoners must consider human rights. And that is why death penalty should be abolish and it may be replaced with more humane action like life imprisonment.

So human life is precious, priceless and important but if death penalty took over the place, human life would best described as rubbish and of no value at all.

____________________________________________________________ ___________
Nonie : If you care about the human right to live of this rapist? how about the right of this child ? Doesn't she also has the right? The death penalty is one of the ways to show the greatest respect for the ordinary man and especially the victims. Death Penalty is an action in prevailing justice and it is not against the fundamental human right to live. If that is so,life imprisonment also can be considered as against the human right to life. Human warehouses made to treat humans like subhuman and the thousands and thousands of human rights violations.So now, if we...
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