Should College Be Free Essay

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There aren't many college students that would disagree that their education should be free. College is the new high school. The worlds standard for eduction has risen. It’s the sad truth that an American has a low chance for success with only a high school diploma. College has become a necessity, not a luxury. Community college should be paid for with tax dollars just as high school is.
Todays professional fields require a minimum of a college degree. It is the new normal and is expected of todays youth after high school. Elementary and high school are paid for by tax dollars, they are seen as a necessity to live in society. Society has progressed as the government hasn't. The space between rich and poor is decreasing as the number of students who can’t afford college is rising....

Student loans have surpassed credit and auto debt. Lessening student debt will increase the spending of disposable income. This allows graduates to be of use to the thriving economy and be included in the productive society. By serving the economy the middle class is being sustained, thus keeping a vast space between rich and poor. The number of tax payers will also rise, which in turn will help raise funds for colleges.
Education is crucial to a happy and productive society. It has been shown that those who earned a degree are more likely to take a role in their community as well as attend more social events. College does not only provide an education in the classroom. The four years one should take for college is to find themselves and have the most impactful years of their lives. College graduates tend to also hold happier homes. The majority of divorces today are brought along by financial stress. Though money does not buy happiness it is crucial for survival as the current economy is...
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