Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Topics: National Collegiate Athletic Association, College athletics, American football Pages: 6 (2282 words) Published: April 23, 2013
The question of whether or not college athletes should get paid is of heated debate in todays times. While many believe that student athletes are entitled to income, It remains undougtibly a concern of moral interest to universities across the country. This paper is going to explain the pros and cons that come with allowing student athletes the right to receive a salary. Should college athletes be paid? Let’s take a quick glance at the pros and cons of each perspective. For starters, in my opinion, yes, college athletes should get paid. What deserves debate, is the conversation of how to get this done. From my experience, in America, you get paid in proportion to the value you bring to the marketplace. College sports is one, if not the only, place where this isn’t the case. it’s only a matter of time before players start getting more than “a free education.” There are plenty of cons that come with paying students to play sports. According to Title IX, a federally-mandated law, if conferences and schools decide to increase the value of student-athlete scholarships to cover living expenses, they have to do it for women’s programs as well. This means that schools would have to, for example, increase the value of womens volleyball and softball scholarships as well. Schools have to stay in-accordance with Title IX, otherwise they’re risking their federal funding. And you know they’re not trying to lose out on any money. Another argument as to why schools should not allow student athletes to get paid is the fact that small schools would be at a disadvantage. How would the smaller schools and conferences afford this? The bigger conferences make way more money than the smaller conferences through their huge tv deals. So unless the Big Ten’s, and SEC’s of the world agree to donate revenue to conferences that make afraction of what they make, (think MAC and Mountain West conferences), wouldn’t this create an even wider gap recruiting-wise between the powerhouse conferences and the smaller conferences? ask yourself; if you were to choose between playing football for a small school, and a big school that’s legally giving you $5,000 in living expenses, which would you choose? Most college athletic programs are already losing money, so how could they afford to all male and female athletic programs, to cover for the athlete’s living expenses? Another concern to paying student athletes is the question of whether to pay athletes of all sports? Let’s be real here; men’s football and basketball teams are usually the programs that make the most money for universities, so if football players and basketball players got paid, does that mean that the men’s lacrosse and baseball players would get paid too? Most schools would not have the findings to financially pay athletes of the fur major sports in the united states. Finally players are still going to take under the table money. In my opinion, increasing scholarship amounts to cover living expenses may keep some of the kids from accepting money, but it’s not going to keep them all from doing it. I don’t think kids getting an extra $5,000 or so from their Universities wouldn’t keep the agents, boosters, etc., from offering them cash and benefits. But I must admit, it’s definitely a step that I believe would at least keep some of the kids from accepting benefits; those that only take the money because of their circumstances or lack of cash for living expenses. There are plenty of beliefs, which justify paying student athletes. Jim Tressel gets paid close to $1 million a year for trying to win as many football games as possible. His players, however, earn no salary for doing the same thing. Although college athletes do get rewarded with scholarship money, there is a debate around the country as to whether that amount is enough compensation for all the work required of student athletes each year. Several Ohio State coaches were recently asked if they thought college athletes should be paid a...
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