Should children be educated at home or school?

Topics: Pune, Shivaji, Maratha Empire Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: May 27, 2014
I am born and brought up in Pune. Hence, I love Pune from the bottom of my heart. I have so many memories about this city. In the good old days, Pune was known as a pensioner’s paradise. Today, it’s a mini metropolis.

Pune was considered a preferred holiday destination for so many Mumbaites, who came here to take a breather from their hectic schedules and the fast pace of life there. The weather resembled that of a hill station. Today, the mercury levels are rising with every passing year. Today, there are flyovers and traffic everywhere.

Earlier, there were a lot of wadas and people used to live like one big happy family. Now wadas are a rarity.

Deccan Gymkhana, Ganeshkhind Road and Fergusson College area and MG Road are very happening places.There are countless stores, restaurants, coffee shops and the city is buzzing with people. The city of the Peshwas has landmarks that boast of our rich heritage and the city is a picturesque monument symbolic of the rich Peshwa era.The adjoining Lal Mahal, the house of Jijabai boasts of Shivaji’s valour. Kelkar museum has remarkable artifacts such as weapons etc. The Parnakuti was where Gandhiji was placed under house arrest in 1942.

Film and Television Institute of Pune is a place of inspiration for many a young talent. Parvati temple and Saras Baug are one of the ancient and beautiful places. Lal Deval is the Jewish Synagogue. Pune will always be known as Oxford of the East and I am so proud to study here in one of the best schools. I owe what I am to Pune, there’s no place like it.
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