should cheerleading be considered a "real sport"

Topics: Cheerleading, Tumbling, Cheering Pages: 4 (1598 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Argument Essay
I.Introduction / Opening Thesis Statement Hypothesis: Should Cheerleading Be Recognized as a Sport? a.Introduce Sub Thesis 1 Are Cheerleaders Athletes?

b.Introduce Sub Thesis 2 Do Cheerleaders Compete?
c.Introduce Sub Thesis 3 Does Cheerleading Have Rules/Regulations? d.Explains Context (Why does it matter?)People argue saying cheerleading is not a “real sport”.

II.Supporting Argument / Sub Thesis 1Sub Argument – Cheerleaders Are Athletic a. Supporting Example / Detail a you need to be flexible.
b. Supporting Example / Detail b you need to have healthy eating habits. c. Supporting Example / Detail cyou need to have good stamina.

III.Supporting Argument / Sub Thesis 2 Sub Argument – Cheerleaders Compete in Competitions a. Supporting Example / Detail acompete to be the best.

b. Supporting Example / Detail byou show the skills you have (tumbling, stunting) c. Supporting Example / Detail cyou show spirit for your football team/school

IV.Supporting Argument / Sub Thesis 3 Sub Argument – Cheerleading Has Rules/Regulations a. Supporting Example / Detail amain bases, side bases, back spots, flyers, front spots (depending on difficulty of stunt) b. Supporting Example / Detail bflyer can get hurt if there aren’t regulations for stunts/tumbling c. Supporting Example / Detail csportsmanship conduct/divisions

V.Conclusion / Closing Thesis StatementCheerleading Should Be...
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