Should Cellphones Be Banned During Class Time ? Argumentative Essay

Topics: Mobile phone, Education, Text messaging Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Is there anyone, who doesn’t have a cellphone? The amazing thing about them is that they are no longer just used for texting or calling. Cellphones allow students to stay connected with their families and they are also an excellent learning resource, if they are used wisely. The problem these days, which many politicians and educators discuss, is that the majority of the students use them to chat with their friends over Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and cellphones are very distracting not only for the students but also for teachers. Therefore cellphones should be banned during class time.

Supporters of the use of cellphones in class say that the phones can be used as an educational learning tool in some lessons, but only when the teacher specifically asks for the use of it. Almost all modern smart phones have Internet access and the students are usually able to download some very useful learning applications, for example a graphing calculator app for math or an online dictionary for a different language. A high school in Winnipeg has made a use of cellphones by including them in their recent book study, which involved students sending responses to their teacher’s question in video and audio formats (Mario, Danielle). To a certain extent they are right; however, what happens with the students that do not own a cellphone or with those that are not willing to use their phone for the purpose prescribed by the teacher? After we have seen this evidence it is obvious that those students could not be included in the work the students with a cellphone do (John, Bradley).

Opponents of the idea of banning the use of cellphones claim that it is important for students to carry a phone with them so that the parents are able to stay in contact with their children, and in the case of an emergency it is possible to call somebody for help. The article “No cellphones in school” states that some parents are opposed to removing the use of cellphones in school because they have...
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