Should Capital Punishment?

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Capital punishment should be abolished. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement? Capital punishment is a way to punish highly committed criminal by legally killing them. Capital punishment is not legalise in all country, many country have already outlawed death penalty, for examples Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico and many more other country. These country sees the bad effect that capital punishment will bring and decided to outlawed it. But then, there are also few country that approve capital punishment, for examples Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, North Korea, United State and others. There are a few ways of capital punishment that are commonly practiced by most of the country, …show more content…
Bell (2011) once said that, many people argue that capital punishment will get innocent people to get killed because of the loop hole and flaws in the current law system. Thus, capital punishment is a serious attempt to deal to the criminal and without truly discovering the case will lead the innocent to get killed. Other than that, is that the law system used by the court are easily manipulate by lawyer. This create an opportunity for those criminal who are able to hire a more quality lawyer to fight of the case and put the blame to another innocent person, thus causing them to suffer from capital punishment for those commit crime. As long as the law system is not perfect, capital punishment should be abolish if not many innocent live will be sacrificed. Thus, capital punishment should be abolish, so that even the law system is being manipulated, innocent live will not be killed. As for conclusion, having capital punishment legalise will get many innocent live to involve in unnecessary sacrifice, also this will strikes fear into their very soul, leading them an unpleasant …show more content…
This type of criminal has a cold heart which sees human life as nothing and wouldn’t hesitate to kill them. There are many example of cases of this cold hearted criminal, one of the most famous one would be osama bin laden, which is the one the causes the 9/11 incident where many people are killed by his action. He deserve capital punishment and it will be a danger to everyone if he have a chance to set foot back to the society. This is where capital punishment comes to play, because without capital punishment there are no other ways to keep this criminal away from innocent people and ensure the safety of the society. As conclusion, on some extreme condition, capital punishment has an important role to play to ensure the safety of the

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