Should Cannabis Be Legalised?

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Should cannabis be legalised?
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Source 1: OCR Stimulus material.
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I am going to do a balanced argument that cannabis should be legalised or not using research and graphs. Cannabis is a class B drug, from 1938-2001 cannabis was a class B drug and it got declassified to a class C in 2001 but in 2008 the classification rose. Cannabis is the most commonly used drug in Britain. (Source 2) Cannabis is a natural occurring drug coming from the cannabis plant. The main chemical in cannabis is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC.) Cannabis has a few side effects like paranoia and can alter your senses however cannabis can help people with Multiple Sclerosis.(Source 1) Cannabis is sold and used in a variety of ways and different types some of them are: Hash, a weaker substance; grass or weed, the most common type of cannabis; skunk, a very strong substance 2-4 times stronger than weed and cannabis oil, a thick honey like substance. Cannabis can used in bongs, spliffs, and put into brownies or tea. A spliff is cannabis rolled into a rizla with tobacco. A bong is a pipe with a hole to suck out the fumes from burnt cannabis. The price of cannabis per ounce varies from £104-£200 hash being the cheapest and skunk the most expensive. (Source 2)

Graph 1
The pattern for graph 1 shows that in every region apart from the North West use other drugs not including cannabis more than cannabis use alone. The highest number point for any drugs is in the South East and cannabis is in the North West region. The use of cannabis in the North West is high could be because there are a few big cities like Liverpool and Manchester, because there are big cities it could mean that cannabis is used more in cities. On the other hand, in the South East any other drugs are used the most this could mean because in the South East Essex is there and Essex has a lot of night clubs which would mean a lot of people will be taking drugs like LSD, cocaine and ecstasy. The data is not reliable because it is out dated so the figures could have dropped or risen between 2002-2012. Also the age range is only between 16-29 year olds so you cannot make a judgement about the question ‘should cannabis be legalised’ because it is only between 16-29 year olds it doesn’t give you the correct figures about cannabis usage overall in the country. But on the other hand graph 1 is very reliable because it gives you a thought of what all of the usage of drugs are among 16-29 year olds the graph and data is not valid though because it is 10 years old and it only has a limited age range of 16-29 year olds.

Graph 2
In graph 2 the pattern I see is a slow decrease and a sudden increase of 0.5% and then a dramastic drop of 6.8% in cannabis usage. First at 1999 the use of cannabis by night clubbers started at 73.1% then after a year it went down to 72% and a year later it went from 72% to 70% then in 2002 it rose 0.5% and finally in 2003 went down to 63.7% I think the drop in cannabis is because of the increased security in nightclubs and the rising cost of entry, drinks and cannabis should cause less people to go to clubs and people with more money could still go as most cannabis users are jobless and get money from the dole. (Source 5) The data is not valid because the graph is 10 years old and the source is not reliable because it could be in any city and you will need more cities or...
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