Should Business Use Social Media for Marketing Purposes

Topics: Facebook, Business, Social network Pages: 9 (3338 words) Published: April 19, 2013
1. Introduction
Nowadays, more and more people embrace the use of social network to bond/communicate with those who are dear to them: like family members, friends, work colleagues, etc. The list seems to be endless but the fact is: no man is an Island. Human persons have an intrinsic need to interact with one another in one way or another. Seemingly, it is the above mentioned need that social networking tries to satisfy. With an ever growing number of internet users that dedicate much of their time interacting through the platforms provided by social media such as You Tube, Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Businesses cannot sit back and fold arms hoping that customers would come running to them. Business organisations have to take the business to where potential customers are. It is in sense that Social Media is regarded as a new market place for businesses to thrive thus extend themselves. This academic research essay will try to respond to the dilemma that is faced by most businesses in our contemporary society. That dilemma is: should businesses use social media for marketing purposes? In trying to provide viable solution, precaution would be taken not misinterpret the findings of our sources. A brief definition of business that encompasses the objective/s of a business itself will be stated. This will introduce us to another important aspect of a business which is marketing. A brief discussion of what marking is and does for the business will be presented. Then in a nutshell will try and give an acceptable definition of social media, its role and impact in our contemporary society and businesses. A concise evaluation will precede the conclusion.

2. Business and its objective/s
According to R Stair and G Reynolds (2008, p.24) business can be understood as any entity with resources under the control/direction of people, formed to accomplish a set of goals. From the above definition one can therefore deduce that the objective/s of any business seems to go beyond just making profit. Such objectives are part and parcel of a mission of any business organisation. Following the thought of Graham Curtis and David Cobham (2002, p.47) a mission statement vividly depicts the purpose and aims of any business entity. Although the fundamental purpose of any business is to generate profit thought selling of goods or services, Derek Abell draws our attention (1980, p.14) to a need of any business to further penetrate the existing product market in order to achieve some of its objectives. Our author Derek Abell (1980, p.15) asserts this could be done through product development and market development. By constantly seeking to know any other market need that the business can serve profitably, businesses are able to both develop their product and market. Such a move according to Derek Abell (1980, p.17) enables businesses to be more customer oriented than product oriented. In a nutshell Derek reveals the significance of developing a technology which will produce products that would respond to the need of consumers in the market. If any business wants to have a competitive edge in the market it has to know the needs of consumers and try to satisfy them in a more profitable manner. Businesses have to acquire relevant information about consumers or potential consumers from a reliable source. As a global network composed of other smaller networks Internet according to In Lee (2009, p399) If used properly can provide extensive information and profoundly educate the users in ways that have never been imagined before. Since it is composed of smaller networks internet contains the source/s such as social media from which businesses are able to gather information about consumers to well predict the needs of consumers and to market themselves. The Internet seems to have replaced the traditional way of communication and of doing business. Ted Shelton (2013, p.35) noted the cost of communication to be dropping at much faster as a...
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