Should Batman Kill the Joker?

Topics: Batman, James Gordon, The Dark Knight Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Should Batman kill the Joker?
Have you noticed that in DC Comics Batman would always catch the Joker and send him to jail, but every single time the Joker would just escape and cause more harm to people. Since the Joker has killed and harmed so many people why doesn’t the Batman just kill him? Many people would agree that he should kill the Joker because it would end the suffering of so many lives, but Batman has his own philosophy; he believes that if he were to kill it would make him no better than the murderous criminals he has sworn to put away. Batman should not kill the Joker because like everyone else he is just another citizen of the city, and if one citizen were to kill another that would be murder even the Batman has to abide by that law. Batman is also known as the billionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne and his sense of justice began to develop because of an event that happened when he was a child. Bruce watched his parents get shot during a robbery in an alley outside of a theater when he was very young; it was never a mugging because the robber never physically touched them which meant that they were murdered. If Batman were to kill the Joker it would make him no different than the robber that murdered his parents. One life is just as valuable as any other and as evil as the Joker is he has just as much of a right to exist as any other person due to the simple fact that he's a human life. Batman’s mission in life is to avenge his parents’ death by ensuring no other child would ever suffer the same fate that he did by getting rid of all the corruption and evil in Gotham City. Batman has his own way of dealing with criminals and while he may break the law, he still respects it. Every man is entitled to due process no matter how many times he breaks the law. By killing the Joker Batman would prove all his detractors right by becoming as dangerous as his enemies. When Batman isn’t fighting crime he is just like any other person and just because he has a...
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