Should Australia Use Nuclear Power or Not?

Topics: Nuclear power, Energy development, Nuclear fission Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: April 21, 2007
Good morning everyone,
I am ……., speaking to you concerning the topic of whether Australia should use Nuclear Power or not. The problem we are facing is that global warming is increasing, which is very dangerous for our behalf. We are the main cause of global warming, as the ozone layer is deteriorating, but I feel that there are other ways to help it rather than using Nuclear Energy.

Let's face it, global warming is always going to be an issue, whether we have Nuclear Energy or not. There is always going to be pollution whether it be from cars, power plants, factories etc.. Global warming cannot be stopped, but sure, it can be decreased. If we installed nuclear plants we would have to some how discard the left over rods. These rods are highly radioactive. If there is a possible leak this can lead to worse problems and can have an influence on global warming. If we were to have say 30 nuclear plants in Australia, where would all the radioactive rods go? At the moment they are being put away, underground, in the middle of Australia, where the ground is barren and waterless. But eventually this space will run out and I doubt the public will want to have radioactive rods in their back yard. Still after 60 years, scientists still don't know how to safely dispose the rods. It's not very convincing that they aren't going to leak.

Water restrictions are affecting us greatly at this current time. Our dam levels are around 36% in Melbourne. If we were to use nuclear power our dam levels would decrease quite a bit, as the power plants use large amounts of water. Which brings another point. Our nuclear plants would all by situated on the coasts, which are some of our major tourist attractions. Do you really think a nuclear plant would be a nice surrounding when at the beach? Plus, it costs about $2 million per generator, which is a vast amount of money for energy, if we are planning to buy 30 of them. This could put our government in debt. They should be looking...
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