Should Athletes Get Paid

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“Should College Athletes get Paid?”

Stephanie Sturgill submitted the article “Should student athletes get paid?” to break down both sides of the argument that was evolving in the sports world today. She described how both the pros and the cons would have a direct effect on the student athletes within these universities. Within Sturgill’s article her facts about the topic at hand are very clear. She lets you see both sides of the argument no matter your view on the debate.

In my opinion this was a well written article because it let you see how compensating the student athletes would have a large effect on the student’s finishing school, with point shaving, and finding alternate ways to earn money. Sturgill used a survey that was ran at an unknown Division I university, showing how the study proved that the student body was willing to go up on their tuition to help compensate revenue for the athletes (Schneider, 2001). With this study I went and read into Schneider’s basic intent for running this research. By involving this research into her article she pointed out a main aspect of the pros side of debate. With this, it indicates that the compensation can be seen as an incentive from their fellow student body as a thank you gift.

The second reference that Sturgill used was not a really an important key one she used. Even though the point she was bringing across with the student athletes that they were being exploited was important. She could have elaborated on the Schneider study a little more or added another source to cite to back up Martin’s point a view a little more. Martin was just showing how even though NCAA had passed the law to let athletes work, it still didn’t compensate for the time or the money to the student during their season. With this there wasn’t any research done here to back up the data that Martin had collected, other than the NCAA passing that law. I feel as though Sturgill could have added something else to...

References: Martin, M. (2002, August 20). “NCAA limitations placed upon scholarship allocation hurt sports.” The Lantern. Retrieved April 21, 2008, from
Schneider, R. G. (2001). College students’ perceptions on the payment of intercollegiate student-athletes: Statistical data included. College Student Journal, Retrieved April 12, 2008, from
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