Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Research

Topics: Climbing, Snowboarding, Sport Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: May 22, 2009
 SPORTS ACTIVITIES Sports is an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Sports commonly refer to activities where the physical capabilities of the competitor are the sole or primary determinant of the outcome (winning or losing). Sports are most often played just for fun or for the simple fact that people need exercise to stay in good physical condition. All the adventurous sports includes which takes place in exotic locations. Every adventurous sports have their own speciality and requirements also the equipments used are different . Sports are classified according to their locations. Water sports are more adventurous sports than the other sports. Water sports can be classified their location. For example in the water, under water, on the water. Swimming includes pool swimming and open water swimming. Water polo is a team sport played in water. Water aerobics is aerobics in the water. Scuba diving is swimming under water using a breathing apparatus. Underwater Rugby is rugby played under water. Two teams try to score goals by sending a slightly negatively buoyant ball into the oppenents’s goal, which is situated on the bottom of the pool. Boating, fishing, rafting, sailing, surfing, etc. are on the water. Air spors are so adventurous, too. The most popular air sports flying, gliding, snowkiting, hang-gliding, hat air ballonning, helicopters, paraplining, parachuting. These sports are so excited. Those who like their adventure , they should try these sports. Land sports are also dangerous sports. For example cycling and motorcycling has become increasingly common as a means of travelling in...
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