Should Animals Be Used for Medical Research?

Topics: Animal testing, Medicine, Suffering Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Should Animals Be Used for Medical Research?
Advances in medical technology are fueled by animal testing. Throughout history, animals have been utilized to benefit the well-being of humans. Animals are vital to the advancement of medical science, and must, therefore, continue to be used for medical research. It is quite easy to see that animal testing is the most humane option for humans, thus being the greatest solution. In the past, people have suffered from illnesses too advanced for medical science. People died from diseases and reasons unknown. Children were massacred with sickness. Young infants endured pain no one should ever feel. Even animals were stricken with poor health. Simply put, everything was chaotic. Thus being said, animal research is justified because it assists in discovering ways to help people and other animals for the future. Furthermore, medical procedures like measuring blood pressure, pacemakers and heart and lung machines were used on animals prior to being tried on humans. Surgery techniques, like those to mend and eliminate bone diseases were devised out of experimentation on the animals. Animal testing not only benefits humans, but also helps other animals; for example, the heartworm medication that was devised from research on animals has assisted many dogs. The cat nutrition has been better comprehended through animal research and has assisted cats to live longer and healthier lives. Animal models for AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) are very important factors that are required to understand the biology of immuno-deficiency viruses. This allows people to raise necessary awareness about the processes of pathogenesis and its prevention by vaccination and chemotherapy. Society has an obligation to take actions in ways that will minimize injury and maximize benefits. Banning or restraining the experimentation on animals would not allow society to achieve such results. Moreover, surgery on animals has assisted in developing...
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