Should America Get Involved With ISIS S

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Mr.Cannavale 3/15/15 Should America get involved with ISIS?

‘’ISIS is known for killing millions of innocent people to turn them into Muslims. Or those who are standing in the way from their main goal – to create an Islamic State. ‘’(Wikipedia)
America should get involved with this movement because we are known for helping others in need and those who’s rights are being taken away. The group currently controls hundreds of square miles. It ignores international borders and has a presence from Syria's Mediterranean coast to south of Baghdad. It rules by Sharia law. And its aim is to create an Islamic State across Sunny areas of Iraq and Syria.
America should get involved to stop these terrorists from killing people, but not creating a religious state.

ISIS is also known for killing thousands of people, carrying out public executions, crucifixions, taking over large swaths of northern and western Iraq, and other acts. Their goal is to get more people to believe in Islam, and even become Muslims. All Muslims can agree that in our religious book, Quran, it is states ‘’no violence at all!’’ and to your own brothers, and sisters? Is a big no-no. So, this group is partially right to want to create an Islamic State, however it is not the right thing to do with violence. As it is, ‘’violence is never the answer!’’.
‘’ISIS has massacred religious minorities, including Christians and Yazidis, and American air strikes can prevent more wanton killing, the President has said. A second imperative is the defense of the Kurdistan Regional Government, a semi-autonomous, oil-endowed American ally in northern Iraq, which a few weeks ago was teetering under pressure from ISIS but has since recovered, with the aid of American air power. The third, and most resonant, reason that the President has given is self-defense: to disrupt ISIS before it tries to attack Americans in the region or inside the United States.’’ (THE NEW YORKER)

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