Should Adolescents Be Exempt from the Death Penalty?

Topics: Crime, Psychology, Murder Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Death Penalty is a very argumentative issue, especially when related to Adolescents. It is a hard opinion to be taken, however when I analyze a crime in both views (the victim and the murderer) something really bothers me. It’s very sad see our society taking this path, having minors behaving really bad and committing crimes so horrible. After thinking a lot about this issue and talking to other people, I guess I agree with Death Penalty for Adolescents. However, I believe that they are incapable of making judgment as well as adults. Most of them are not as equipped as adults to engage a moral conduct based on good principles. The root of this problem is a way behind: education that comes from home, parent’s support. Anyways, my decision is supportive to Death Penalty to Adolescents because I think many of these adolescents just tend to get worst on their behaviors, and also the death penalty should work as a model of punishment to discourage other people to do the same. However, every case decision should be made singularly. I think a group of professional show evaluate each guilty person to check how bad was the behavior, and if that person has some kind of psychological issue, as well other information such as background, education, moral principles focusing to figure if it could exist a real repentance. The decision also should be made from the crime’s level. I also believe that a well chosen jury will make the right decision to every case. I believe also that the perfect age to enter into such a decision is after 16, in the Young Adulthood and right after puberty. I think in this life phase is acceptable such a penalty. It is very sad see our society even discussing this kind of behavior, but unfortunately it happens very often and we as a society must to take a decision trying to change the next generation. How would you feel if an adolescent killed your loved one? It’s easy to forgive an adolescent and find attributes to defend him, but what if it...
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