Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Should abortion be legal?
Persuasive research project
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Abortion. Just the word its self doesn’t sound humane. Any conscientious person should be aware that it is in fact highly unfair that one does not have say on whether or not he or she should live or be aborted.” unborn babies are innocent human beings from the moment of conception. They have a fundamental right to life, which must be protected” (Abortion.Procon.Org). As study show 86 percent of all abortions are done for the sake of convenience. Irresponsible women and teenagers take the risk of being sexually active knowing their chances of becoming pregnant is a 50 percent chance.

“Abortion should be legal. It is wrong to tell a woman she has to carry a baby to term and will be aloud to give it up for adoption after birth. We have no right to dictate what a woman should do when it comes to her own body. When pregnancy is unwanted for any reason, it is better for all concern to make legal abortion an option.”( Society must be understanding for all situations that a woman could be going through when she is in the state of having an unwanted pregnancy and the future affects as well as the responsibilities that come along with having a child.

What if she gets raped? What if her life is at risk? Or what if the baby has no chance in living a normal life? What if she is in no means financially stable to have a baby?” woman who aren’t financially prepare for having a child with serious, often expensive, medical condition, or circumstances should be given the opportunity of aborting the pregnancy. For those women who have been sexually abused or have become pregnant with medical circumstances necessitating abortion should be able to make the decision to terminate pregnancy. Society must understand the need for parents to be able to tend to their child’s needs and, if the means are...

book: abortion from Aldine 9th grade school
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