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Should Abortion Be Legal?

By drilona2009 Feb 25, 2013 963 Words
Should abortion be legal?

Throughout the course of history, the debate of whether abortion was a moral act or a dishonest one was a constant dispute. Many fought and argued that the death of a fetus is an act of abhorrence as well as demoralization.. Although some argue that it is unjust to eradicate a life that has no choice to protest, there are many points that prove otherwise. The option of abortion has a variety of advantages to particular situations in which a solution is not given. Abortion is one of the many controversial issues in the country. The morality and legality of abortion is constantly questioned. It is often targeted as being the murder of a baby, but many argue that the fetus is not a real live human; just a mass of tissue. Just like an appendix, a fetus in the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy cannot live outside the womb, giving the mother the right to abort it. The ability of a woman to have control of her body is critical to civil rights and since the fetus cannot live without the mother; it should be her choice. Another argument for pro- choice is the right of a woman to control her own body. Many people stress the existence of the fetus and its life, but it is the mother’s responsibility for the birth of her child. In the United States, the rule of separation of church and state is a contributing factor for abortion. Many religions strain the wickedness of abortion, but in the United States, religion is not a factor to be stressed over citizens. If abortions were made illegal, abortions would still take place, but considered back-alley and clothes-hanger abortions that will eventually hurt the women’s population. These unsafe abortions are responsible for the deaths of nearly 70,000 women annually.” So either way if a woman does not want to have the baby she will do whatever it takes to do this; even if it means having unsafe and unhealthy abortions. Many teenagers in the world suffer from unexpected pregnancies. In life there has been a debate on whether or not teenagers should be allowed to have abortions? Although some people feel that abortions shouldn’t be allowed others say that it should be allowed. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions whether it be political or religious reasons. This is a worldwide issue that has been going on for many years. In the society that we live in today, sexual activity is inevitable. Statistics show that one third of the girls in the United States will get pregnant in their teenage years with or without protected sex. According to Sharon Jayson in the document Teen pregnancies, abortions rise it states that “the teen pregnancy rate in the USA rose 3% in 2006, the first increase in more than a decade.” It also states that “the higher rates of birth and abortions among girls ages of 15-19.” In that age nobody wants a baby so they have no other choice but to get an abortion. Others can say that sexual activity should not be done at this age, but since it is expected and unavoidable, abortions should be legal to allow any young women from getting pregnant that do not want children. Teenagers who become mothers have dismal prospects for the future. They are much more likely to leave school and rely on public assistance to raise a child. But if women were given the choice of abortion, the rate of unprotected sex will probably increase and benefit many teenagers since unprotected sex is considered more pleasurable. Many other situations, such as if a woman was raped and had gotten pregnant, the choice of abortion should be hers since she did not want the child. Even if the rapist should be blamed, imagine if the woman was not allowed to abort the child. After its birth, the mother would most definitely see features of the man in her child and be constantly reminded of the tragedy. What about a woman whose life is threatened by pregnancy or childbirth as well as being pregnant with a baby that had been diagnosed as deformed or handicapped? If there was a situation in which a mother’s life is at stake due to the baby; she should be given the right to abort it if wanted. Although many say that if a baby is not desired by the mother, then it should be given up for adoption after it is born, adoption is not an alternative to abortion. Very few women choose to give birth and then give them up; the percentages show that less than three percent do that. Some even say that it is safer for a woman to have an abortion in the first trimester than to give birth to the child and then give it up for adoption. Even if the unborn are human beings, they have fewer rights than the woman; none should be expected to donate their body as a life support system for someone else that is unwanted. If women were to have more unwanted children, it would only result in more child abuse. No matter how many people will argue against the right of abortion, many facts prove that abortion is the safer choice for the mother and the better solution. Every woman should have control over her own body. The decision of abortion is meant to be between a woman and her doctor. Abortion rights are essential for the advancement of women, giving them equal rights with men. Even if men are against abortion, they are sure to change their mind when they hear that they can have unprotected sex as much as they want.

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