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Topics: Superman, World War II, Lois Lane Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: February 24, 2014

Professor Lisa Jackson
English 1301-63502
12 February 2013
Superman Example Essay Outline I. Introduction- Superman played an important rhetorical role during the World War Two. Superman gave hope to the people during difficult times. A. Broad statement about topic-Superman was being used as a symbol for hope. The strength superman possess represented the moral strength of the United States. B. Transition sentence-The heroism characteristic of Superman was involved in the problems the United States faced. C. Thesis- In rough time’s superman gave the people moral support, social responsibility, and the expression of a secular messiah. II. Values and Ideologies- Good over evil was always the theme in the superman comic books. A. Strength

1. Superman has the ability to fly anywhere he wanted.
2. Superman possessed a mighty strength that he would use to be hero. B. Humility
1. Superman found a job and hid his real identity from everyone. 2. Superman did not try to become famous and rich.
C. Tolerance
1. Superman had the tolerance of other people treating him poorly. 2. Superman only interests was to maintain peace without an incentive. III. Hopes and Fears
1. Superman was being introduced in comic books as the hero of WWII. 2. He had stopped the war and saved thousands of lives.
B. Great Depression
1. Kryptonite represented the great depression of the United States. 2. Crime also symbolized a weakness to the United States.
C. Kryptonite
1. Kryptonite was Superman’s only weakness.
2. Kryptonite would remove Superman’s powers.
IV. Religion and Social Structure
A. Moses
1. Superman’s powers were being compared to those of Hercules and Moses. 2. Superman served a purpose to protect everyone.
B. Christ
1. Superman represented a savior for times of crisis.
C. Lois Lane
1. Lois lane was introduced as a more adventurous woman compared to the stay at home wives. 2. Louis was an...
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