Shortest way to learn foreign languages

Topics: Language acquisition, Language education, Language Pages: 4 (758 words) Published: October 6, 2013
If you’re anything like me, you like quick things you can do to improve a foreign language. It’s not that I want to get out of the hard work necessary to reach a high level – it’s just sometimes, you want to do something quick and beneficial and get on with it.

I’ve put together a list full of these types of actions – some will take you a few seconds, some might take an hour, and there’s a lot somewhere in the middle.

I’m not suggesting you go through the list one by one and do them all. Just take a look, see what you like, and try a few out. Here we go -

1.Change your phone language (thirty seconds)

2. Find a radio station in your language for when you’re driving (five minutes)

3. Create a language study plan (twenty minutes)

4. Get on Skype and find a language exchange partner (thirty minutes)

5. Find a series of books to start reading (twenty minutes)

6. Spend some time practising a certain sound you have trouble with (fifteen minutes)

7. ‘Surf’ the dictionary – open it up, pick a word, and read the definition. Choose a word from the definition and look that one up. Keep going (twenty minutes)

8. Find out when the news from the country is on tv where you are. Put the channel and time in your diary for the next week (five minutes)

9. Start a language learning diary (ten minutes)

10. If you’re taking classes, have a chat with your teacher about what you need to work on most and figure out a strategy to get better (fifteen minutes)

11. Write your shopping list in the language (five minutes)

12. Change your computer language (thirty seconds)

13. Watch a movie in the language (ninety minutes)

14. Download Anki and start using it (five minutes)

15. If you read gossip magazines, find a website in the language so you can get your gossip and spend time with your language (fifteen minutes)

16. Find a tv series you can get on DVD or online to...
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