Short Term Marketing Projects

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In small companies and resource-strapped non-profits, CEOs and executive directors are sometimes overwhelmed by the number of tasks that need to be done in a limited time period with limited resources. In these instances, it is often extremely cost effective to hire someone on a short-term basis who can take on and quickly complete specific projects, without needing a lot of direction and start-up time. Doing so frees the CEO to focus on sales and other revenue-generating activities.

New Venture Network's project work generally focuses on the areas of research, marketing and operations.

For past clients, we have:

set up operations and infrastructure,
helped with the research and writing of business and marketing plans, •written initial marketing and Website collateral,
developed work processes and policies,
written job descriptions and want ads,
assisted with initial business development and account management, •connected companies to a wide variety of resources and contacts, •done research projects on mulitple topics.
Recently, a small PR and marketing firm, engaged in a study for a government agency, hired us to develop the research questionnaires to be used in the stdy, help them identify and select the sample to be interviewed, and advise them on the analysis of the data collected.

This research is now in process and the government agency is happy with how the project is progressing.

Another client, an e-learning company, hired us to do a research project identifying portal sites in the knowledge management area.

We compiled such a list and then used these sites to research and monitor upcoming events of interest to our client. We also investigated and then helped the CEO obtain speaking engagements at some of these events.

One client was starting a company providing research and customer relationship management services using an outsourced labor force located...
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