Short-Story Paper

Topics: Short story, Fiction, William Faulkner Pages: 6 (2205 words) Published: October 8, 1999

“Compare/contrast Faulkner’s ‘Dry September’ with ‘A rose for Emily’ in terms of writing style and character presentation.”
What is going to be analyzed in this paper are the two short stories by W. Faulkner ‘A Rose for Emily’ and ‘Dry September’. Basically, what is to be performed is a comparison/contrast analysis in terms of the writing style and character presentation. More specifically, I will provide first the information from the story ‘A Rose for Emily’, concerning writing style and character presentation, and following is going to be the same analysis for the other story ‘Dry September’. After the necessary data are provided, there is going to be a comparison/contrast of these data, by also citing passages from the two stories, for making them more understandable. The similarities and differences that exist in the two stories are substantial. Before, the analysis on the stories takes place there are some general points that have to be mentioned that concern other elements of fiction that are as well important. To begin with, the town name that is used in both stories is the same and that is ‘Jefferson’. Also both stories are taking place in the old South. And finally, in both of them the main character is a woman, Miss Emily Grierson and Miss Minnie Cooper respectively. The first story that is going to be analyzed is ‘A Rose for Emily’, and more specifically the analysis is divided in two parts, first I am concerned with the writing style and second with the character presentation. To begin with I have to say that this story is one that keeps the readers’ interest undiminished. It has a complex plot and many questions arise when reading through it. Basically what is creating this is the lack of chronological order in the evolution of the facts that are presented. Things become more clear when one places them in the right order. Since the story is taking place in the old South, the choice and use of words indicts us to that region. Furthermore, what is also noticed here is that there are many descriptions(descriptive language) used in the story; “It was a big, squarish frame house that … an eyesore among eyesores”(431-2). These help to understand more about the surrounding environment and about the appearance, “They rose when she entered-a small fat woman in black … while the visitors stated their errand”(432) of the people that are involved in the story as well. Also we have to say that there are many similes and metaphors in the text that make it more true to the reader, “She looked bloated, like a body long … stated their errand”(432). Inversely, another element of fiction that is going to be analyzed is the character presentation. There are many characters involved in the story, and Faulkner is presenting information about all of them, in most of the cases he also describes the appearance of them as well; “… a Yankee-a big, dark, ready man with… team of bays from the livery stable”(434). The information that I received can be interconnected and form a point of view for each one of the persons involved. The protagonist in the story is Miss Emily, for whom I have many information. She is aristocratic and once belonged to the distinguished and prestigious people of Jefferson. We have many backup information about her concerning her past, especially the role of her father towards Emily. Moreover there is a man involved in the story also, whose name is Homer Barron, and is the man that Emily falls in love with, and consequently he disappears. Some of the town people are presented in the story also. Throughout the story we see that there are many descriptions about the people and especially for Miss Emily, as mentioned before. This helps us understand the various stages that...
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