Short Story for Phosphorus Cycle

Topics: Ecosystem, Eutrophication, Phosphorus Pages: 5 (1707 words) Published: August 11, 2012
Environmental Science
Group 3 – The Phosphorus Cycle
Vicmar Verra
Jerome Arcilla
Gideon Moronia
Christian Bernales
Janine Castillo
Krishafe Sanchez
Tresha Camille Diola
Jun Se Jeong

The Unexpected Journey
Once upon a time, in a faraway place, there live a man named Jack who lives in a common. He was so very poor that he got his living through planting in his small backyard. He was the only human, living in the forest but he has many animals who lives with him. One day, Jack felt so lonely. He felt there was something missing in his life in that moment. He was not able to work the whole day and slept through the whole night. The day came when jack decided to leave his home and got to travel. He was desperate to found out what was that missing piece to complete the picture of his life. And then, His journey has begun. Along his journey, while looking at the sky, he didn’t realized that someone was also on his way and eventually they bumped on each other that made the two fall. Jack: Hey, are you blind? Can’t you see I’m walking in this road you crazy woman? Shaira: What? Me, crazy woman? How dare you to say it to me! Don’t you know that I am the….. Before she could say it, she remembered that she must maintain her identity hidden. So Jack: know what crazy lady?

Shaira: ahhh that I’m also walking in this road. And it is your fault why it happened not me. Jack: and now it’s my fault! Whoa, nice one but I have to go. I don’t like to waste my time talking to a nonsense and crazy old lady like you. Shaira: Grrrhhhhhhhhhh

However, the sky starts to pour rain. It was a hard one. Thunder roars and lightning strikes. So jack ran off to find a place where he could take shelter for a while until the rain will stop. Meanwhile, Shaira was so afraid that she could not move her body while keeping her ears closed. She was afraid of thunders and lightings. Jack was moved woefully. He immediately helped her. And lead her to a shelter. A cave. Shaira: Thank You!

Jack: No you don’t have to. By the way, the rain is heavy outside. I think we should stay here until morning. It might be dangerous to travel. Unless If you don’t mind being with me? Shaira: I guess you’re right. I have to stay here until morning. (She smile happily.) Jack: Good! So, good night. Have a wonderful night hmmh, you are..? Shaira: Oh! By the way I’m Shaira. And?

Jack: Jack! Call me Jack for short. (And he smiles back.)
Shaira: So, nice to meet you Jack.
Jack: Same here! (While preparing the woods to be burn in order to give them warm in that cold winter night.) Shaira: Goodnight Jack!
She was not seeing jack at that moment because she already closed her eyes when she told it. She was sad because she didn’t received any response by Jack. However, she realized that they are just both strangers to each other and any attachment would mean something that is bad or might lead to coercion. After an hour, Shaira felt there was something wrong. So she aroused up, and see if Jack is Okay. And her great shocked, Jack was not there! Shaira: Oh no! Jack! Jack! Jack! Where are you? Please don’t leave me! Please! I’m scared. It was dark inside the cave. But she faced it bravely. Shaira runs off to find Jack. She was crying heavily. Until she heard something. Someone is screaming out of pain! Shaira: Jack, is that you? Jack? Jack? Please answer me Jack! And a loud voice echoed in the cave. Shaira was terrified. Shaira think that there are ghost in the cave. She felt afraid again. However, that was just a false alarm. Actually Jack was just having a hard time releasing his waste. That’s why he had to shout out because it is big, really a big dechets. Jack: Oh, thanks God. I feels so relieved.

As he tightens his belt, Shaira took the chance to see who was there. And to her surprise she saw Jack. Jack: Shaira, what are you doing here?
Shaira: I should be the one asking that question. What are you doing here Jack? Jack: Me? Doing here? Oh! Common. I have...
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