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Short Story evaluation template

By katcool1916 Nov 20, 2014 207 Words
Personal Writing: Short Stories
Short Story Evaluation
A good short story includes the following:
Interesting & appropriate title
Theme / message
Narrative style: telling a story
Structure: Introduction, development, conflict, climax, resolution / conclusion Strong introduction & conclusion: introduction hooks the reader, conclusion leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Conflict/ issue / problem: introduced & resolved.

Suspense: The story must hold the reader’s interest. The problem presented early in the story is developed steadily so that the reader’s curiosity is stimulated; the reader then becomes more and more involved in the story. Suspense reaches the highest point at the climax; this is the point where the problem is resolved in some way. This then leads to the resolutions of the story. Tense: clear and consistent

Distinctive tone: formal, informal, chatty, lively, exciting etc.. Strong, interesting and varied characters
Narrator: who tells the story?
Clear point of view: first / third person
Good punctuation, spelling & grammar
Setting: time & place
Varied range of expression: adjectives, verbs, similes, metaphors, sensual images / language, colour, varied sentence length (short & long: allows description and creates tension & suspense) Dialogue: gives a good insight into characters, life styles, personalities, relationships Proof read: have you answered who, what, when, where, why & how questions Resolution: open or closed ending.

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