Short Story Essay

Topics: Guy de Maupassant, Short story, Fiction Pages: 3 (1115 words) Published: September 11, 2013
A person faces many struggles throughout his/her life. Furthermore, not all situations are resolve. This is evident in many short stories that mainly focuses on a character who is undergoing an inner conflict. In the short story, “The Necklace”, Mr. Loisel deals with his wife and the troubles she creates. Furthermore, in the short story, “Lamb to the Slaughter”, Mrs. Maloney struggles with the fact that her husband wants to leave her. Lastly, Andy from “On the Sidewalk Bleeding”, is stuck between a life or death situation. Mr. Loisel, Mrs. Maloney, and Andy illustrate how one is bound to encounter situations that cannot be handle despite of trying everything that can possibly solve it. Mr. Loisel, character from, “The Necklace”, faces many problems that are not successfully resolved. At the beginning of the story, the reader is introduced to Mr. Loisel and his wife who only wishes to be in the high class status. A dilemma creates a friction between them after receiving an invitation to attend a ball. Mr. Loisel fails to convince his wife to attend; she later on reveals, “Only I have no dress and…It annoys me not to have a single jewel, not a single stone, nothing to put on” (De Maupassant 930). Consequently, he is obliged to sacrifice his money and time hoping that his wife would finally be satisfy; however, he is unable to do so. Mr. Loisel later on faces another struggle when “he came back…and had found nothing (the necklace)” (932). Inspite of everything, he decides to replace the necklace. Mme. Loisel and himself face a downfall due to the necklace which “worth forthy thousand francs…that dreadful debt must be paid…and the life lasted for ten years” (933- 934). On the contrary, he does not solve the problem successfully despite being able to replace the necklace. The events are the cause of their social standards downfall; dropping from the middle class status to the lower class status. All in all, Mr. Loisel portrays an individual who inspite of all...
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