Short Story Dark House with No Doors

Topics: Anxiety, Darkness, Light Pages: 5 (2391 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Before I can tell you how things are you must know how they were. Life was great, no, it was better than great, it seemed like everything was going perfect. I was the heavy weight Champion of the world and was making seven grand a month loving every minute of life. I had everything a man could want, a nice house, cars, private limo, and my amazing wife Katie. Katie and I had a daughter on our one year anniversary we named her Annabelle Grace, Bells for short. Life at this point could not have been better. Living life without worries is a blessing I was lucky enough to experience for a moment.

All those magnificent days that was spent with my Katie and Bells. They play though my mind like a rickety old projector, bits and pieces stand out more than others though the static. With all those punches to the head that I took to become the Champion, I’m lucky to even have a memory left. Late nights in the hammock with Katie watching the stars, Bells learning to walk, days spent smiling and playing at the park, it seems like yesterday yet so far away. Those beautiful smiles of friends and love ones surrounded me but, now all I see is shadows.

Where are those friends and love ones now that I need them the most? I look everywhere yet no one is to be found. I cry out, but I get no reply. What has happened to this prefect life I once enjoyed? It’s just me now, all alone in this dark and dusty house with no doors. I wake up reluctantly, not wanting to see this sad emptiness that I’m stuck in. Just to drag my feet down the halls of this dark house with no doors searching for a light, just a glimpse of hope a way out. It has been months since I have seen the light of day.

I need to find a way out of this dark house with no doors. Everywhere that a door use to be is an empty dark void, I step though thinking I may escape this house. All my attempts to get free fail me and place me deeper in this darkness. It become over whelming, the darkness blinds me to the point I can see no hope. I pray as loud as I can “O’ Lord take me, I just want out of this hell” then drop on the floor in anguish. I lay here crying hoping to drown on my tears until I enter in to dreamland.

When I open my eyes I see them sleeping beside me, how nice it is to see them near me again. I quietly get out of the bed so not to disturb their sleep. I proceed to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee where I then hear “Daddy, I’m thirsty” I turn to see my Beautiful Bells standing in the door way wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“Give your daddy a hug first” I demanded happy to see her smiling face. I hold her tight not wanting to let go but she reminds me that I still have not gotten her any juice. “Go get your mother up while I fix breakfast” I asked Bells.

“Good morning handsome” Katie greets me with a smile as she’s entering the kitchen. Without hesitation I sweep her off her feet and plant my lips upon hers. “What has gotten in to you” she curiously asks.

“I’m just really happy to see you, and I thought it would be nice to fix you girl’s breakfast for a change” I explain. We eat and straighten the house up then decide to go to the park. I set down to slip my shoes on when I notice something strange. A shadow runs past so I follow it down the hallway, the basement door is slightly open so I decide to step in. I take one step down the stairs for them to disappear. Everything in an instant vanishes before my eyes and now I’m back in this house with no doors but now I am falling down through the darkness now with less hope then before. I come to a sudden stop after a jarring bounce off this dirty old floor. I lift my head to sadly realize it was only a dream. I slam my head back down crying “God why won’t you take me from this place?” I get no answer then I pull myself back up to my feet and knock the dust off my clothes telling myself “You need to get back to your family.” I take off running through this dark house with no doors, set on finding a way out....
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